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  • The Ahava Ketubah $290

    Inspired by artist Robert Indiana’s iconic Pop Art statue — long and deeply associated with Philadelphia — the Ahava Ketubah contains a classic retro flair with modern colors and a bold design. Similar to the famous sculpture in Israel, this Ketubah exhibits the word “love,” or Ahava in Hebrew. The word Ahava is repeated in the back drop with the same vibrant tones, fading to white to beautifully bring out the Ketubah text.

    With vibrant colors and romantic themes, this Ketubah is a beautiful blend of romance and tradition — the very heart of Ketubot art. The Ahava Ketubah is perfect for the couple that has a completely retro and eclectic style and are looking for something totally unique! This work of art will be a symbol of not just your individual style as a couple, but the unity and depth of your beliefs and love.

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  • The Miami Skyline Ketubah $290

    No matter if it’s the sun breaking over the buildings revealing a new day, or the dazzling lights and electricity of the night, no one can deny: there’s something completely magical about a city skyline! Part of our Skyline Series, The Miami Skyline Ketubah reflects the reverence for your favorite city and blends it with the soul of the Ketubah tradition. This gorgeous work of art captures all the pride and beauty of seeing that favorite skyline from afar — whether it’s from your bedroom window, or in your dreams.

    The Miami Skyline Ketubah reflects the beautiful contrast of Miami — urban city, tropical beaches, and tons of cultural flavor! The sun setting behind the skyline illuminates this work of art, adding a lively, romantic feel. This Ketubah is perfect for the couple who can spend all day under the Miami sun — soaking up the warmth of the tropical heat, as well as the warmth of their love!

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  • Concert Lights Ketubah $290

    With tons of detail and vibrant colors, the Concert Lights Ketubah truly bursts with excitement and life! This Ketubah captures the thrill of your favorite concert or show — flashing lights, lots of color and amazing music. The Ketubah text placed right in the middle brings a central focus and emphasis to the most important part of this stunning design. The firey orange and yellows overlap each other perfectly to illuminate and bring together the entire Ketubah seamlessly.

    There’s nothing like the world of music to evoke and illustrate a certain kind of emotion. The Concert Lights Ketubah is perfect for the couple that attends their favorite concerts and shows religiously, and truly bond over their favorite music groups! This stunning Ketubah will be a reflection of your beautiful commitment and a lifetime together, filled with music and love.

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  • The Bride Squared Ketubah $290

    Any unique love deserves an equally unique Ketubah with a gorgeous design! The Bride Squared Ketubah takes the classic Britto theme and turns it into something completely modern and fresh. The framing of the bright roses adds just enough romanticism for the perfect finishing touch to the design.

    The vibrancy and eclectic mix of patterns emphasizes the beauty of the two brides in love and their meaningful commitment to one another. The Bride Squared Ketubah is perfect for the same sex couple that want a Ketubah that will truly stand out and make a beautiful statement both in meaning and design. This Ketubah is the perfect vibrant piece to match a couple's modern style and life.

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  • A Font to Remember Ketubah $290

    Part of the Font Ketubot Series, this Ketubah brings modern art back to basics with a beautifully simple design, gorgeous color, and elegant calligraphy. Although the artistic design plays a big part in the Ketubah, the text is what truly conveys’ a couple’s love and important commitment to one another. A Font To Remember Ketubah utilizes the significance of the text by integrating it into the design itself, creating a truly unique and meaningful Ketubah.

    A Font To Remember Ketubah exhibits more subtle colors with a delicate design and floral accents. The text is framed by an elegant border, while you and your partner’s name appears in the middle, bringing central focus to the significance of the Ketubah tradition. This Ketubah will not just be a reminder of the day you say “I Do!”, but every day of your lives together, more in love than the day before.

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    A Font to Remember
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  • Faded Lines II Ketubah $290

    With vibrant colors and a minimalist style, The Faded Lines II Ketubah is a beautiful blend of tradition and modern art! This Ketubah features crisscrossing lines framing the top and bottom of the Ketubah text. The backdrop has a similar faded pattern to add depth and a more dynamic feel, while still maintaining the sleek, minimalist style.

    The Faded Lines II Ketubah is perfect for the couple that loves a classic minimalist style, wether it’s art, music, or even their home! The simple, yet stunning style of this work of art brings a central focus to the text, creating a beautiful balance of both the Ketubah tradition and classic design. This Ketubah will be the perfect centerpiece of your home — an important symbol of your love and commitment to one another!

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  • Today Is Your Day Ketubah $290

    You ordered the cake,
    All your friends will come to town
    The plans are almost all finished,
    You even have your perfect wedding gown!

    So what could be missing? You think with your thinker
    A Ketubah of course! And we have just the winner!

    This Ketubah is bright and full of flying bafooms,
    It even has wild trees, reaching high to the moon

    But what you’ll love most,
    And what’s better than best
    Is that couple in love
    That stick out above the rest!

    So today is your day
    Don’t let your happiness hide
    You have found the love of your life
    And this Ketubah will show that with pride!

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  • The Chicago Subway Ketubah $290

    The Chicago Subway system, famously known as “The L” dates back to the 19th Century and still maintains some of it’s original lines. After New York constructed elevated lines, Chicago followed suit and as a result it’s subway system has lines that run both above and below ground.

    The Chicago Subway Ketubah exhibits a bold subway design highlighted by bright red and yellow tones. This Ketubah is perfect for the couple that have a special affinity for Chicago life and it’s beautiful history.

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  • The Entwined Rings Ketubah $290

    A stunning blend of tradition and style, the Entwined Rings Ketubah is the perfect design to honor both your unique love and the classic Ketubah tradition! This Ketubah features two entwined wedding rings — each containing a gold framing, vibrant patterns, and tons of color. The soft white background brings central focus on the colors and patterns of the design and balances perfectly with the Ketubah text.

    The Entwined Rings Ketubah is perfect for the couple that wants something classic and traditional, without compromising on the high-quality of modern style and design. The two entwined wedding rings will perfectly represent the union of two lives coming into one. This design will beautifully convey the happiness of your wedding day, the strength of your love, and the sanctity of tradition.

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  • The Blue No.18 Ketubah $290

    Mark Rothko’s work is too simple, too modern–and too stunning. A Russian Jew in an era when the Russian Jews lived in fear, Rothko fled Russia to the USA and developed his ultra-modern and hip “multiform” style – that gave him his distinctive and original look and feel.

    The Blue No. 18 Ketubah is a great Ketubah for a couple that loves each other, wants inspiration from a Jewish artist — and who, of course, loves the hipster, painted style that Rothko pioneered. This Ketubah looks especially great in modernist apartments!

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  • Geometry in Horizontal Ketubah $290

    With a modern sleek style and bold colors, The Geometry In Horizontal Ketubah is definitely a one-of-kind! This Ketubah contains a simple, yet striking geometric design with vibrant colors fading from a cool blue and purple to a warm red and yellow. The Ketubah text in white creates a perfect balance and accent to the vibrant backdrop!

    Much like geometry, a couple’s relationship is dynamic and full of different angles and elements. The cooler colors in this Ketubah reflect the stability and strength of your relationship, while the warmer reds and yellows represent passion and romance — a beautiful blend for the perfect Ketubah and marriage.

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  • The Mauvelous No. 18 Ketubah $290

    Mark Rothko’s transformation into his unique abstract style came with basic color and a more organic, simple design. His collection was a “breath of life” during a time that art was too straightforward and embellished. These matured pieces became his signature mark and were met with awe and respect.

    The Mauvelous No. 18 Ketubah is inspired by Rothko’s daring move to break out artistically and the collection that was created as a result. This Ketubah is a breath of fresh air with simple, clean color. A beautiful addition to a couples’ new home together, this Ketubah will fill you with life and love every time you see it.

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