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  • The Subway Print No. 1 Ketubah $290

    Since Keith Haring first started drawing his to-be-iconic figures for the Village Voice, he quickly became a New York underground cult classic. As his style matured and his scope grew, and his figures not only represent an awesome and authentic style, but the cutting edge of New York urban cool. At least we think so.

    The Subway Print No. 1 Ketubah is perfect for the New Yorker couple who wants a fun and modern pattern that also alludes to the classic New York cartoon tradition, and the modern activism that accompanies it.

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  • The City Streets Ketubah $290

    With a truly unique and interesting style, The City Streets Ketubah is inspired by the original works of art by well known artist Keith Haring. This Ketubah takes Haring’s doodle-like style and combines it with the Ketubot tradition — making for a beautiful and edgy work of art! The black and white patterns work and contrast against one another while framing the Ketubah text, without taking away from the stunning art. The blues and reds bring just enough color, while embracing the minimalist style of this Ketubah.

    Lovers of street art and urban style will definitely fall in love with this Ketubah! This design is perfect for the couple that are searching for a Ketubah that will match their modern home and lifestyles. The City Streets Ketubah will be a beautiful symbol of not just your unique style as a couple, but the importance you both hold on tradition and commitment!

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  • Faded Lines I Ketubah $290

    With vibrant colors and a minimalist style, The Faded Lines I Ketubah is a beautiful blend of tradition and modern art! This Ketubah features crisscrossing lines framing the top and bottom of the Ketubah text. The backdrop has a similar faded pattern to add depth and a more dynamic feel, while still maintaining the sleek, minimalist style.

    The Faded Lines I Ketubah is perfect for the couple that loves a classic minimalist style, wether it’s art, music, or even their home! The simple, yet stunning style of this work of art brings a central focus to the text, creating a beautiful balance of both the Ketubah tradition and classic design. This Ketubah will be the perfect centerpiece of your home — an important symbol of your love and commitment to one another!

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  • The Birch Keepers Ketubah $290

    Creation is a beautiful inspiration for a couple’s love — serene, pure and full of vitality. The Birch Keepers Ketubah evokes all these sentiments. The classic earth tones combines perfectly with the flying birds and majestic deer. This Ketubah captures the beauty of a couple who’s relationship will last beyond this lifetime.

    The Birch Keepers Ketubah is for the couple who, like the two deer, stand tall and proud with no fear of the future and embarking on a new life journey. Although they are free spirits at heart, they always remember to maintain a steady hold on life, creation and most importantly, each other.

    Notes: The proportion of this Ketubah is different from others on our site. The Medium or Classic ketubah size, for this one, is 12×24 (instead of the usual 16×24); and the Large size for this ketubah is 15×30 (instead of 20×30).

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  • The Lantern Festival Ketubah $290

    Surrounded by warm tones and using the acuarela watercolor technique, the Lantern Festival Ketubah is inspired by traditional Asian Lanterns and the rich essence of tranquility and wonder. Sunset tones form a beautiful background of bold oranges, reds, and pinks. In the foreground, lanterns and Cherry Blossom branches surround the text option of your choice.

    The Lantern Festival Ketubah is perfect for the couple with a true love of color and unique designs. The vertical long-form design of this Ketubah is available in the 12x30in size, or the impressively beautiful 15x36in print — Gallery ready! To capture the true color of this print, we recommend the modern Canvas-on-Matboard of Giclee Prints. It’s beauty will attract attention on Wedding day, and far beyond!

    Notes: The proportion of this Ketubah is different from others on our site. The Medium or Classic ketubah size, for this one, is 9.6×24 (instead of the usual 16×24); and the Large size -which we recomend- for this ketubah is 12×30 (instead of 20×30).

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  • The Metro de Madrid Ketubah $290

    Opened under the management of Compañía de Metro Alfonso XIII in October of 1919, the Madrid Metro was the first subway opened in Spain. The boom of urban influx and the economic increase helped expand most of the subway’s lines. However, until the early 90′s the investment from the central government into the subway system was so low that it wasn’t uncommon for children to ride the same train their parents rode decades prior.

    The Metro de Madrid Ketubah exhibits the subway lines highlight with a warm red and yellow design. This Ketubah beautifully captures Madrid’s warm and historically rich culture reflected through a sleek and modern design.

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  • The Dalecarlians Of Love Ketubah $290

    With tons of color and a classic Swedish style, The Dalecarlians Of Love Ketubah is truly bursting with life and energy! Originating in the province of Dalarna, this traditional carved and painted horse has become a stunning icon of not just Swedish folk art, but Sweden itself. This Ketubah features two Swedish horses and a fun folk style design — a beautiful blend of culture, art, and tradition!

    The Dalecarlians Of Love Ketubah is perfect for the couple that loves Swedish design, whether it’s because of their family roots or just a simple passion for Swedish art and style! The flowing floral and leaf design beautifully frames the text and comes together at the two horses — a stunning artistic emphasis on the love that you and your partner will share for years to come. This work of art will be a gorgeous fixture to start out your lives together, both in design and meaning!

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  • The Library Ketubah $290

    Capturing the quiet composure of the Library and the excitement of an open book, the Writer’s Ketubah was inspired by both authors and those who have a sincere love of the written word—and a love of a partner who shares the simple pleasure of a weekend curled up with a book.

    Whether you met your fiancé in the Library and have dedicated many loyal hours to studying side by side, or simply have an appreciation of reading and sharing classic literature, this Ketubah speaks to the Jewish home’s endless shelves of books you will cultivate together.

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  • The Wisteria No. 18 Ketubah $290

    By the mid 1950s, Mark Rothko began to utilize more darker tones and shades in his paintings. Although his collection was met with developing fame and success, Rothko desired that his paintings were adored and purchased for something more than just an artistic fad. Rothko stated that color is “merely an instrument”, that the contrast of similar shades and the way they work with structure are meant to inspire something more than just a beautiful design.

    It’s not only Rothko’s signature style that constitutes as a beautiful inspiration for a Ketubah design, but also his emotional process and method behind his art. The Wisteria No. 18 Ketubah exhibits bold purple shades and evokes depth and meaning — the perfect centerpiece for your home and life together.

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  • Heart Me Ketubah $290

    1980′s artist Keith Haring pulled from urban New York City, as well as various concepts such as birth and death, as a source of inspiration for his unique art pieces. His works of art continually utilized color and movement, working together to take on a life all their own. Inspired by this exciting and unique style Haring coined, The Heart Me Ketubah blends modern urban design and Ketubot tradition to make for a truly stunning work of art!

    With a fun design and beautiful colors, The Heart Me Ketubah contains tons of energy and romantic elements. The unique style of figures, colors, and lines creates a beautiful framing for the Ketubah text, and bring the overall design together wonderfully. This Ketubah is perfect for the couple that are searching for not just a Ketubah they love, but a work of art they are proud to hang in their home. The Heart Me Ketubah is the perfect blend of modern art, tradition, and romance.

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  • The Paper Cranes Ketubah $290

    Not only is the Paper Crane simple and beautiful in its own right, but its creation goes far beyond being just a classic origami animal. Seen as a mythical or holy creature in Japan, fathers traditionally gave a thousand paper cranes as a wedding gift — a symbolic way of wishing the couple a thousand years of prosperity and happiness! Rather than a thousand cranes, the Paper Cranes Ketubah contains eighteen birds, the classic Jewish number that also means “chai”, or “life”.

    With vibrant colors and a minimalist modern design, this Ketubah is perfect for the couple that loves Japanese style, or whose partner has Japenese heritage! The Paper Cranes Ketubah will be a beautiful symbol of your meaningful commitment, and a cornerstone of happiness, prosperity, and life!

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  • The Sahara Dunes Ketubah $290

    Although an unlikely theme for a Ketubah, the desert has it’s own unique beauty and is especially gorgeous at night. The Sahara Dunes Ketubah is a wonderful balance of romance and natural serenity.The beautiful desert sky and sprawling untouched sand dunes make for the perfect touch to a couple’s new home and life together.

    The Sahara Dunes Ketubah is perfect for that couple that is searching for something completely different and original, a couple that finds beauty in things that are normally overlooked and unnoticed. The two camels, loyally together are a perfect representation of you and your partner — a bond that will remain strong through every climate of life.

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