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  • The Stained Glass Orchards Ketubah $290

    Inspired by the beautiful stained glass works of art found in synagogues and temples across the world, the Stained Glass Orchards Ketubah captures the awe and beauty of the Tree of Life, or Etz Chaim. With delicate colors and a textured feeling of genuine stained glass, this Ketubah calls on traditional themes of prosperity and beauty in Jewish artwork.

    Couples will grow intertwined with each day of their marriage, just as the trees depicted form a beautiful orchard, sharing good weather and the challenges of life. The gorgeous shaded background of the Stained Glass Orchards Ketubah provides a feeling of warmth, joy, and color. L’Chaim!

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  • The Mountain Meadow Ketubah $290

    There’s something especially unique about experiencing the beauty of nature with the love of your life. This work of art is part of our gorgeous Landscape Memory Ketubot Series. With blending colors and soft hues, this Ketubah is a snapshot into a special memory you share, wether it’s a favorite trip you took together, your honeymoon, or the place where you both go to just watch the sunset. It couldn’t prove that age old adage to be more true — happiness is only real when shared.

    The Mountain Meadow Ketubah shows beautiful tones blending together to create almost a dreamy esthetic. The soft flow and movement of this design lights up the text without taking away from the beauty of the artwork itself. This Ketubah exhibits snow peak mountains with expansive grass meadows, perfect for the couple that wants a contrast of crisp tones. This work of art will be completely significant to you and your partner — a beautiful memory that holds both your experiences and love.

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    4327-Mountain Meadow
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  • Circles and Squares Ketubah $290

    Inspired by the “Grandfather” of Op-Art, artist Victor Vassarely, The Circles and Squares Ketubah contains tons of color and a dramatic style. Vasarely’s works explored the use of texture and perspective and its relationship to shadow and light. The results of this experimentation was not only a collection of completely amazing and unique art pieces, but the emergence of the Op Art style as a whole. The Circles and Squares Ketubah utilizes this obscure and beautiful style, and blends it with the Ketubah tradition.

    With such a one-of-a-kind style, it takes a certain kind of couple to fall head over heels in love with this design! The Circles and Squares Ketubah is perfect for the couple that are traditional in spirt, but modern in style. This Ketubah will be a striking piece in your home together – a beautiful representation of your commitment, tradition, and style!

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  • The Celtic Ketubah $290

    Celtic art is as timeless as love. Appearing as early as the Iron Age, designs inspired by the usual symmetries and interweaving ornamental style seem to speak to the endless dedication of marraige. With stylistic touches sourced from Torah illuminations of the middle-ages, the lines and knots of this Ketubah were given life.

    Our team designed the Celtic art Ketubah as a celebration of the diversity of American Jews and their partners, uniting identity, style, and aesthetic. As with all our Ketubot, we offer a range of text options for Jews with Irish, Scottish, or other partners who were not raised Jewish, but appreciate the Ketubah art form.

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  • The Heart Shaped World Ketubah $290

    Filled with tons of color and detailed patterns, the Heart Shaped World Ketubah is a beautiful mix of fun design and romance. Inspired by the bold and original works of Romero Britto, each piece of this mosaic contains a different pattern and palette of vibrant colors. The striking black lines form and shape the mosaic to create a heart that beautifully frames the Ketubah text and bring together the overall design.

    The Heart Shaped World Ketubah contains tons of depth and character — a beautiful symbol of each integral piece of a couple’s relationship that works together to complete their love. This design is perfect for the couple that loves the more off-beat things in life and are looking for a truly unique work of art. This Ketubah will brings tons of color and life into any room of the house!

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    Heart Shaped World
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  • The New York Skyline Ketubah $290

    No matter if it’s the sun breaking over the buildings revealing a new day, or the dazzling lights and electricity of the night, no one can deny: there’s something completely magical about a city skyline! Part of our Skyline Series, The New York Skyline Ketubah reflects the reverence for your favorite city and blends it with the soul of the Ketubah tradition. This gorgeous work of art captures all the pride and beauty of seeing that favorite skyline from afar — whether it’s from your bedroom window, or in your dreams.

    With the historic Statue of Liberty and the jetting Empire State Building, it’s easy to see why the New York City Skyline is one of the most iconic in the world! As the city that never sleeps, it’s only fitting that this Skyline is shown at it’s most magical time — at night. The New York Skyline Ketubah is perfect for the couple that thrives off of this city’s air and pride — a city they truly call their home.

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  • The Asian Woodgrain Ketubah $290

    Inspired by the rich designs of Asian prints and the beauty of Japanese flowers and Chinese lanterns, this Ketubah is perfect for the couple who wants to embrace Jewish and Eastern cultures in their Ketubah! This print looks beautiful framed on your Living Room wall, or standing alone as a print of its own merit!

    With the warm glow of a lantern shedding light on delicate flowers and branches, soft tones blend with vivid detail that invites attention. It celebrates love, life, and the tranquil beauty of your wedding day, lighting a fire that will kindle for the rest of your days as you grow together.

    This Ketubah can also include Chinese or Japanese text options — direct translations of our texts, or your own vows! Contact Team Ketubah for details!

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  • You’re My Type Ketubah $290

    Part of the Font Ketubot Series, this Ketubah brings modern art back to basics with a beautifully simple design, gorgeous color, and elegant calligraphy. Although the artistic design plays a big part in the Ketubah, the text is what truly conveys a couple’s love and important commitment to one another. The You’re My Type Ketubah utilizes the significance of the text by integrating it into the design itself, creating a truly unique and meaningful Ketubah.

    The You’re My Type Ketubah captures the essence of your relationship with the beautiful vow, “I am My Beloved and My Beloved is Mine”. The mint background and white accent compliment each other perfectly, creating a clean, yet simply stunning style. This design is perfect for the couple that wants a Ketubah that is minimal in design and powerful in significance — a work of art that expresses their love and faith.


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    You are my Type
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  • The Deaconess Ketubah $290

    The Viennese Jewish tradition is not only aristocratic, but fair and modern in a powerful way: the Viennese school combines classic thought and attitudes with the buzzing modernity that burst onto the world in the early 20th century.

    Gustav Klimt, emerging from that Vienna Secession, took these ideas to the next level. His works consistently had themes like jurisprudence, not traditionally captured in art but essential for the modern, sophisticated world. He combined symbolism and big murals in a way reminiscent but building on the Art Nouveau. All with a masculine-feminine tension and gold, gold, gold everywhere.

    These themes fit perfectly into a modern Ketubah: the glitzy gold yet traditional art; the political-ish themes but not political propaganda; the elegance of the classic with the look of the modern.

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  • The Modern Sunrise Ketubah $290
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  • The Colorful Patterns Ketubah $290

    With tons of patterns and a quilt-like design, this Ketubah will truly stand out and command the attention in any room! The Colorful Patterns Ketubah layers uniquely different square designs to create depth and tons of detail. The vibrant bright tones work together beautifully to really bring this Ketubah to life. The bending lines create space for Ketubah text and shape the design to bring all the eclectic patterns together seamlessly.

    With each square of pattern, this Ketubah really comes together as a complete piece. The Colorful Patterns Ketubah is perfect for the couple that loves the often overlooked and perhaps quirky things in life. This gorgeous design will reflect your personal style as a couple with importance and tradition.

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  • The New York Map Ketubah $290

    New York is the City of Cities — and the City of Jews. It gives Tel Aviv and Jerusalem a run for their money. New York, the birthplace of so much contemporary secular and religious Jewish culture, from Jerry Seinfeld to the Lubavitch Rebbe, is at the very heart of the contemporary Jewish experience. And the subway is at the Heart of New York.

    The New York Map Ketubah is thus perfect for the Jew who could never envision himself living anywhere other than the Upper West Side — or perhaps who once thought that, until he moved to Long Island.

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