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  • The Rosengarten Ketubah $290

    If there was one thing that Alfons Mucha accomplished with his art, it was his ability to make anything look completely elegant and classy. He perfected the balance of intricate detail with a completely delicate style. The Rosengarten is influenced by his beautiful artistic contribution to the Art Nouveau period.

    The Rosengarten Ketubah is absolutely blooming with passion and romance — a gorgeous representation of two people madly in love and not afraid to be cheesy about it! This Ketubah is perfect for the couple who’s love, much like a gorgeous rose, grows stronger and more beautiful every day. Seasons may come and go, but their love will never die.

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  • You’re My Type Ketubah $290

    Part of the Font Ketubot Series, this Ketubah brings modern art back to basics with a beautifully simple design, gorgeous color, and elegant calligraphy. Although the artistic design plays a big part in the Ketubah, the text is what truly conveys a couple’s love and important commitment to one another. The You’re My Type Ketubah utilizes the significance of the text by integrating it into the design itself, creating a truly unique and meaningful Ketubah.

    The You’re My Type Ketubah captures the essence of your relationship with the beautiful vow, “I am My Beloved and My Beloved is Mine”. The mint background and white accent compliment each other perfectly, creating a clean, yet simply stunning style. This design is perfect for the couple that wants a Ketubah that is minimal in design and powerful in significance — a work of art that expresses their love and faith.


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    You are my Type
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  • Summer Flowers Ketubah $290

    With a stunning design and gorgeous color, The Summers Flowers Ketubah is definitely one of our most unique Ketubahs! This work of art contains tons of color and a lighter backdrop, creating a summertime feel no matter what time of the year you’re in. The subtle floral print surrounds the Ketubah text in a diamond format, putting emphasis on what this tradition is all about.

    The fun blend of floral and optical design makes this the perfect balance for any Ketubah! This design is for the couple who isn’t afraid of something completely different… and perhaps loves a good Magic Eye book! The Summer Flowers Ketubah will be a vibrant cornerstone in your new lives together — a life filled with love and warmth.

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  • The Shabbat Light Ketubah $290

    Inspired by the unique and expressive works of Matisse, the Shabbat Light Ketubah exhibits tons of color and a beautiful design. This Ketubah shows the traditional Shabbat table with candles, wine, and of course, challa bread. The bright yellow back drop adds just enough light to really illuminate the text.

    The Shabbat Light Ketubah is radiating with deep-rooted tradition and reverence. A beautiful representation of a new life and home you will create with your partner, this Ketubah is perfect for the couple that wants a bold work of art with a modern style. The glow of the candles will not only remind you of the importance of tradition, but also of the deep bond and love you share, forever.

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  • The Colorful Patterns Ketubah $290

    With tons of patterns and a quilt-like design, this Ketubah will truly stand out and command the attention in any room! The Colorful Patterns Ketubah layers uniquely different square designs to create depth and tons of detail. The vibrant bright tones work together beautifully to really bring this Ketubah to life. The bending lines create space for Ketubah text and shape the design to bring all the eclectic patterns together seamlessly.

    With each square of pattern, this Ketubah really comes together as a complete piece. The Colorful Patterns Ketubah is perfect for the couple that loves the often overlooked and perhaps quirky things in life. This gorgeous design will reflect your personal style as a couple with importance and tradition.

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  • Through the Grapevine Ketubah $290

    With gorgeous colors and an eclectic theme, the Through the Grapevine Ketubah is a beautiful representation of marriage and authentic tradition. This Ketubah features a twisting grapevine through a lattice fence, working it’s way around the Ketubah text to create a unique framing.

    The tallit and large banner add a traditional feel to this already stunning design. The Through the Grapevine Ketubah is perfect for the couple that wants something classically Jewish in style, but modern in design and quality! This design captures the beauty of marriage interwoven with your spiritual and everyday life. This Ketubah will look stunning in your home — an artistic symbol of your commitment and traditions.

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  • The Subway Print No. 1 Ketubah $290

    Since Keith Haring first started drawing his to-be-iconic figures for the Village Voice, he quickly became a New York underground cult classic. As his style matured and his scope grew, and his figures not only represent an awesome and authentic style, but the cutting edge of New York urban cool. At least we think so.

    The Subway Print No. 1 Ketubah is perfect for the New Yorker couple who wants a fun and modern pattern that also alludes to the classic New York cartoon tradition, and the modern activism that accompanies it.

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  • The Op Art I Ketubah $290

    Optical Art isn’t for everyone: many people just don’t get it. But those who love it, really love it. Op Art is centered around the artist giving you illusions of what’s not there — movement, waving, or depth, for example — and this, indeed, is the heart of art: showing one thing but implying something much more powerful.

    The Op Art Ketubah is playfully fun in this sort of way, giving different people from different angles different interpretations of what’s happening in the Ketubah. This is a metaphor of the text of the Ketubah itself, which can be, and has been, interpreted in many different ways to mean many different things. A marriage is a set of obligations and rights — and we can make of it what we will!

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    Op Art I
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  • The Prana Ketubah $290

    Prana – This new print is from a beautiful series of linocuts by Jill Sykes.

    Grasses blow in the wind, the breath of life flows from one beloved to the other. This ketubah radiates serenity and harmony.


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  • The Washington Skyline Ketubah $290

    No matter if it’s the sun breaking over the buildings revealing a new day, or the dazzling lights and electricity of the night, no one can deny: there’s something completely magical about a city skyline! Part of our Skyline Series, The Washington Skyline Ketubah reflects the reverence for your favorite city and blends it with the soul of the Ketubah tradition. This gorgeous work of art captures all the pride and beauty of seeing that favorite skyline from afar — wether it’s from your bedroom window, or in your dreams.

    The Washington Skyline Ketubah features a vibrant sunset, fading from firey reds and yellows to bright pink. This design contains important and classic D.C. landmarks – the Capitol Building, the Washington Monument, and a gorgeous line of trees. The electric backdrop brings this Ketubah to life and makes the skyline truly pop! Wether you’re from the D.C. area or simply love the U.S. capitol, the Washington Skyline Ketubah will tie together your love, life, and style perfectly!

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  • The Birch Keepers Ketubah $290

    Creation is a beautiful inspiration for a couple’s love — serene, pure and full of vitality. The Birch Keepers Ketubah evokes all these sentiments. The classic earth tones combines perfectly with the flying birds and majestic deer. This Ketubah captures the beauty of a couple who’s relationship will last beyond this lifetime.

    The Birch Keepers Ketubah is for the couple who, like the two deer, stand tall and proud with no fear of the future and embarking on a new life journey. Although they are free spirits at heart, they always remember to maintain a steady hold on life, creation and most importantly, each other.

    Notes: The proportion of this Ketubah is different from others on our site. The Medium or Classic ketubah size, for this one, is 12×24 (instead of the usual 16×24); and the Large size for this ketubah is 15×30 (instead of 20×30).

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  • The Lantern Festival Ketubah $290

    Surrounded by warm tones and using the acuarela watercolor technique, the Lantern Festival Ketubah is inspired by traditional Asian Lanterns and the rich essence of tranquility and wonder. Sunset tones form a beautiful background of bold oranges, reds, and pinks. In the foreground, lanterns and Cherry Blossom branches surround the text option of your choice.

    The Lantern Festival Ketubah is perfect for the couple with a true love of color and unique designs. The vertical long-form design of this Ketubah is available in the 12x30in size, or the impressively beautiful 15x36in print — Gallery ready! To capture the true color of this print, we recommend the modern Canvas-on-Matboard of Giclee Prints. It’s beauty will attract attention on Wedding day, and far beyond!

    Notes: The proportion of this Ketubah is different from others on our site. The Medium or Classic ketubah size, for this one, is 9.6×24 (instead of the usual 16×24); and the Large size -which we recomend- for this ketubah is 12×30 (instead of 20×30).

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