Gay German Counsel Reaches Out To Jews

by Jordan
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It almost seems like a parody, but it isn’t: the German Gay Counsel, Rolf Schuette, has reached out to the Jews, to work with us to improve our relationship.

This is funny on a few levels.

First, by being gay, we embody (embody!) the notion of “the other”. But for Jews, what is the most extreme “other” if not the Germans? The two others coming together is wonderful, just beautiful.

It’s also curious because, the German government is clearly still looking for better ways to reach out to and connect with Jews. And it makes sense that LGBT Jews would be much more likely to connect with Germans than straight Jews.

The levels of irony make me want to laugh: I love it when irony builds on irony!

Read more about it here.

(Sorry, this isn’t Ketubah related today!)

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