The Gothchic Ketubah

Size: 16 x 24
Price: Guarantee: Best Price & Price Matching Guarantee

Inspired by the gorgeously dark and stunningly eerie, The Gothchic Ketubah blends romance and the antique gothic style. The couple holding hands adds a special romantic element and creates a beautiful depth within the overall design. With the deep expanse of dark landscape and a brilliant purple night sky, this design captures the hauntingly beautiful Gothic style.

This Ketubah is perfect for the couple that get into the Halloween spirit all year round! Wether you love the idea of dressing up for fun, or simply adore the beauty of a dark eerie night, this work of art will beautifully embrace your style and tradition. Between the shadowy castle in the background and the gorgeous framing of the Ketubah text, The Gothchic Ketubah will tells your romantic happily ever after for years to come!

All Ketubah Artists are members of the Artist Direct program! What does this mean? This means that each artist personally designs, numbers, and sends the Ketubah to you him/herself!
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