Pablo Picasso

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  • The Mosaic Room Ketubah $290.00

    Picasso not only defined modern art — but his work combines warmth and passion in a way that is perfect for any Ketubah.

    The Mosaic Room Ketubah is inspired by Picasso's romantic works, and perfect for a couple whose love for passion and each other is paramount. It is personally one of our favorite Ketubot, artistically, its deep colors suggesting a deep love for each other.

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  • The Loving Embrace Ketubah $290.00

    Picasso's diverse styles capture a range of emotions and looks; but his modern portraits of couples in love stand far above any other. This is the perfect inspiration for any Ketubah.

    The Loving Embrace Ketubah is a bright and fun manifestation of the Jewish wedding contract. It centers around the couple in love and it (along with our other Picasso portraits) is a powerful piece of modern art to hang on your wall.

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