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  • The Bride Squared Ketubah $290.00

    Any unique love deserves an equally unique Ketubah with a gorgeous design! The Bride Squared Ketubah takes the classic Britto theme and turns it into something completely modern and fresh. The framing of the bright roses adds just enough romanticism for the perfect finishing touch to the design.

    The vibrancy and eclectic mix of patterns emphasizes the beauty of the two brides in love and their meaningful commitment to one another. The Bride Squared Ketubah is perfect for the same sex couple that want a Ketubah that will truly stand out and make a beautiful statement both in meaning and design. This Ketubah is the perfect vibrant piece to match a couple's modern style and life.

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  • The You and I Ketubah $290.00

    You & I Ketubah is a modern take on the ancient Jewish concept of “romance.” Romance, in all ancient traditions, mixed and matched boundaries in the most unexpected ways. You and I Ketubah takes these ancient boundaries and reshapes them in a way to combine the subtle and obvious sides of the boundaries: the outlines of two women, the strong contrast between the silhouette and the pure, naïve white background. This work takes the cliché of “love knowing no boundaries” and flips it on its head by simultaneously breaking boundaries while using a silhouette and contrast precisely to emphasize the boundaries.

    You & I is perfect for the lesbian couple that has a cheesy side to them, as our team of artists do (we are proud of our cheesiness!), that wants to use the simple and even naive style to capture the depth and subtlety of their love and passion together.

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  • The Kiss From A Rose Ketubah $290.00

    The Kiss From a Rose Ketubah combines the vibrancy of art inspired by Romero Britto, with the theme of passionate love between two women. The wild colors and dozens of patterns in the background represent a life of many changes and passion, while the foreground of two women show love in its most direct form.

    The Kiss From a Rose is perfect for the lesbian couple whose passion is bright and intense, and who want a Ketubah that captures not only their love but the different sides, colors and patterns of their love for each other.

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