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  • The Forest Keepers Ketubah $420.00

    Flocks of doves take to the air as a new day dawns upon the darkened forest. A buck and a doe greet the dawn at the edge of the woods–curious, alert, yet unafraid, sure of their place not just beside each other but also in the forest; it belongs to them as much as they belong to it.

    The Forest Keepers is perfect for the down-to-earth couple that exists in quiet harmony with the world and each other, mindful of the old ways and aware of its role in maintaining the tree of life. May the seeds you sow together rise tall as the forest that love and faith planted.

    This is a Papercut Ketubah: it is made with two layers of paper–a laser-cut design mounted atop a background. The Ketubah text is printed on the background paper and then placed carefully underneath the top layer of the cut-out design, eliminating the possibility of accidentally crushing or ripping the delicate structure while signing. Everything from design and layout, to the crafting process and final creation, lends itself to a high-quality work of art and overall attention to detail.

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  • The Quiet Lilies Ketubah $290.00

    Sit back and relax while you and your partner are swept up by the tranquility and beauty of our Quiet Lilies Ketubah. The alluring blend of blues, greens and light purple creates the classic scene of a picturesque afternoon at the park. Influenced, of course, by Monet's Water Lilies, this Ketubah inspires nothing but the utmost sentiment of love, commitment and unity.

    This Ketubah is a reflection of the couple that enjoys the calm serenity of nature and basking in the warmth of one another's love, like swans, calmly floating along life's path. As you both go through various seasons of your life together, let Quiet Lilies take you back to that peaceful and simple place.

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  • Today Is Your Day Ketubah $290.00

    You ordered the cake,
    All your friends will come to town
    The plans are almost all finished,
    You even have your perfect wedding gown!

    So what could be missing? You think with your thinker
    A Ketubah of course! And we have just the winner!

    This Ketubah is bright and full of flying bafooms,
    It even has wild trees, reaching high to the moon

    But what you'll love most,
    And what's better than best
    Is that couple in love
    That stick out above the rest!

    So today is your day
    Don't let your happiness hide
    You have found the love of your life
    And this Ketubah will show that with pride!

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  • The Skyline Ketubah $290.00

    The City Skyline is one of the classic metaphors for urban sophistication and culture — and cities are fundamentally interlinked with the Jews. The Jews, as contrasted with the Gentile farmers, have been the urbanites, the urban traders and businessmen, since time immemorial.

    The Skyline Ketubah is perfect for the city couple: the type of couple that travels not to see waterfalls but skyscrapers, the ones who try city street food in every corner of the third world, the type of randomly walks into open doors and buildings. Your humble writer falls into that category: this is the Ketubah for the City Lover.

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  • A Font to Remember Ketubah $290.00

    Part of the Font Ketubot Series, this Ketubah brings modern art back to basics with a beautifully simple design, gorgeous color, and elegant calligraphy. Although the artistic design plays a big part in the Ketubah, the text is what truly conveys’ a couple’s love and important commitment to one another. A Font To Remember Ketubah utilizes the significance of the text by integrating it into the design itself, creating a truly unique and meaningful Ketubah.

    A Font To Remember Ketubah exhibits more subtle colors with a delicate design and floral accents. The text is framed by an elegant border, while you and your partner’s name appears in the middle, bringing central focus to the significance of the Ketubah tradition. This Ketubah will not just be a reminder of the day you say “I Do!”, but every day of your lives together, more in love than the day before.

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  • The Lovey Dovey Ketubah $290.00

    Doves have long been a symbol of love and peace — the perfect theme for a romantic Ketubah! The Lovey Dovey Ketubah bursts with love, affection, and tons of color. A beautiful representation of a new beginning, this Ketubah exhibits two doves on a branch with a blazing sunset and flock of doves in the background.

    The Lovey Dovey Ketubah is perfect for the couple that wants something simple and classic, yet stunning in its own right. The delicate colors and subtle style bring emphasis to the text without taking away from the overall design. This Ketubah will represent the beauty and serenity of the journey you’re embarking on together, a journey filled with challenges, excitement, and love!

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  • Over the Ocean Ketubah $290.00

    The Over the Ocean Ketubah combines the best of modern design, stunning colors, and classic tradition! Utilizing the classic chevron pattern and a blue color palette, this Ketubah captures the beauty and liveliness of the ocean. The bottom of this design contains bolder shades of blue, while the backdrop of the text contains softer shades and a lighter design.

    This Ketubah is perfect for the couple that loves the overlooked gems in life and see beauty in the most unexpected places. Between the chevron pattern and the simple color palette, this design embraces a more minimalist style, while still honoring the Ketubah tradition beautifully. The Over the Ocean Ketubah will be the perfect symbol of your commitment to one another — a truly unique work of art that is striking in both design and significance.

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  • Within the Anemones Ketubah $290.00

    Within the Anemones Ketubah captures the stunning beauty and life seen only in one place — under the ocean! This Ketubah contains a fun blend of modern style and Ketubah tradition, making for a truly unique design. The vibrant blue background creates a perfect space for the Ketubah text, while the simple silhouette and clownfish couple add an extra romantic touch.

    This Ketubah is perfect for the couple that loves an outdoor adventure… especially if that adventure brings them under the water! Whether it’s scuba diving on a trip or a destination wedding, this Ketubah will bring you both back to that special place you love. Within the Anemones Ketubah is the perfect blend of your beliefs, interests, and marriage — all in one stunning work of art!

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  • The Golden Wave Ketubah $290.00

    Streaks of goldenrod yellow sway against a rich background of deep azure and sapphire blue. Waves of color gently ripple outwards from shore to unseen shore, framing the words of this ketubah in a visual metaphor for the traditional meaning of goldenrod flowers: go forth in good fortune.

    The Golden Waves ketubah is perfect for the modest couple that shares a love of the great outdoors and abstract art inspired by nature. You don't need to be gaudy to make a splash.

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  • The Earth, Wind & Us Ketubah $290.00

    The Earth, Wind & Us Ketubah sets a heartwarming stage by showing a couple holding hands. It shows the moon and the sun in perfect harmony with each other, reflecting peace and serenity on this Earth -Just as the kind of peace and serenity that this marriage will bring into your life. The mountains and the running river in the background further
    builds upon the exquisiteness of this Ketubah. It also shows that the bond of marriage is beautiful and breathtaking just like Earth’s unmatched beauty.
    This Ketubah is made for the couple that enjoys splendor and beauty in their relationship. A couple that admires nature’s beauty and would love to enjoy the earth in all its magnificence. By spending sunsets and sunrises together, they know that their marriage will become stronger and happier each day. They understand each other perfectly and support each other just as the sun and the moon light up the Earth. This Ketubah is for the couple that is perfectly in sync with each other and would happily spend their lives admiring nature!

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  • The Birch Keepers Ketubah $290.00

    Creation is a beautiful inspiration for a couple's love — serene, pure and full of vitality. The Birch Keepers Ketubah evokes all these sentiments. The classic earth tones combines perfectly with the flying birds and majestic deer. This Ketubah captures the beauty of a couple who's relationship will last beyond this lifetime.

    The Birch Keepers Ketubah is for the couple who, like the two deer, stand tall and proud with no fear of the future and embarking on a new life journey. Although they are free spirits at heart, they always remember to maintain a steady hold on life, creation and most importantly, each other.

    Notes: The proportion of this Ketubah is different from others on our site. The Medium or Classic ketubah size, for this one, is 12×24 (instead of the usual 16×24); and the Large size for this ketubah is 15×30 (instead of 20×30).

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  • The 60s Ketubah $290.00

    The 60's was full of color, peace, and of course the most important, love!  From the colorful design to the fun layout, this Ketubah will bring you back to a time of bell bottoms, peace signs and retro flowers. With just the right amount of fun and romance, the 60's style makes for the perfect Ketubah.

    This Ketubah will take you back to your “wonder years”, where everything was simple, easy and perhaps a bit cheesy. The 60's Ketubah is perfect for the couple that together, reminisce on the fun things of the past and anticipate for the even better things for their future!

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