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  • Flowers For Georgia Ketubah $290.00

    Known as the Mother of American Modernism, Georgia O’Keefe created stunning works of art that captured the detail and raw beauty of nature. Growing up in the mid-west Georgia drew creativity from the dry and sweeping landscapes that surrounded her. The Flowers For Georgia Ketubah is inspired by her unique approach to technique and style — a gorgeous design that exhibits both vibrancy and life!

    This breathtaking design features an in detail close-up of an orchid flower. The glowing yellows and reds splash beautifully against the green backdrop, working together to truly highlight the Ketubah text. The Flowers For Georgia Ketubah is perfect for the couple that adores the lush outdoors. This Ketubah will convey the beauty and powerful commitment of your relationship and love.

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  • The Shamrocks Field Ketubah $290.00

    There’s something especially unique about experiencing the beauty of nature with the love of your life. This work of art is part of our gorgeous Landscape Memory Ketubot Series. With blending colors and soft hues, this Ketubah is a snapshot into a special memory you share, wether it’s a favorite trip you took together, your honeymoon, or the place where you both go to just watch the sunset. It couldn’t prove that age old adage to be more true — happiness is only real when shared.

    The Shamrocks Field Ketubah shows beautiful tones blending together to create almost a dreamy esthetic. The soft flow and movement of this design lights up the text without taking away from the beauty of the artwork itself. This Ketubah exhibits landscapes filled with lush green earth and cloudy skys, perfect for the couple that wants something minimalist and bold. This work of art will be completely significant to you and your partner — a beautiful memory that holds both your experiences and love.

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