• Our Story

    Hello and Welcome to Bagel Ketubahs — the only website out there that sells 100% Gay Only Ketubot.

    So how did we get started?

    As many couples know, searching for that gorgeous and absolutely perfect Ketuah can be extremely hard and time consuming. It’s even more difficult when trying to find a gay Ketubah that matches you as a couple, without running into roadblocks — you found the art, but they don’t offer a text with two grooms or two brides. Or you found that perfect text, but their designs are not very up to date, or just not your taste.

    That’s where we come in. Our website and, the ideas and inspirations that followed, were born out of this very predicament. We thought, rather than visit a website with tons of Ketubot that perhaps only offer one or two that could work, why not create a page that contains all of the best, and most gorgeous gay only Ketubot? Add that to our love of great designs and color, color, color and boom! MAGIC!

    We are passionate about art and how it can be utilized and expressed through marriage, tradition and most importantly, love. We desire to create a place for gay couples looking for a Ketubah to come and find exactly what they’re looking for without any hassle. A place where you both can find a gorgeous work of art that speaks to you both on a personal level and represents your love and commitment uniquely.

    So from the “Bagel Team”, thank you so much for stopping by! We are confident we can help you find exactly what you’re looking for!