The Ink Works Ketubah

Artist: TINAK
Material: Giclée (See All Material Options)
Text: See All Text Options
Size: 16” x 24” (other sizes available)
Price: $290.00 Guarantee: Full Refund Guarantee

Tattoos are the Forbidden Fruit of the Jews: by ancient tradition, we can not have them — yet we are endlessly tempted by the snake with the apple, by the little symbol of the new world that is upon us. Yet, Tattoos are a modern form of art — and even if we don't have them on our bodies, we can, and do, appreciate and enjoy them as a thoroughly modern form of art.

The Tattoo-Lovers Ketubah combines the excitement of the verboten Tattoo with patterned designs that stand out and give a new and unique look to your Ketubah, and show off your style to all who see
it hanging on your wall.

All Ketubah Artists are members of the Artist Direct program! What does this mean? This means that each artist personally designs, numbers, and sends the Ketubah to you him/herself!
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