The Raw Chestnut No. 18 Ketubah

Artist: TINAK
Material: Giclée (See All Material Options)
Text: See All Text Options
Size: 16” x 24” (other sizes available)
Price: $290.00 Guarantee: Full Refund Guarantee

The artwork created by Mark Rothko in the late 1940's didn't lack in defined shape or size. This was something that deviated from the norm at that time, and redefined larger art pieces as something more personal, rather than arrogant or “pompous and grandiose”. Rothko stated “The reason I painted them, however… is precisely because I want to be very intimate and human”.

The Raw Chestnut No. 18 exhibits a warm, brown color palette with a simple shape. Inspired by Rothko's though provoking designs and the warmth and comfort of home, this bold Ketubah adds an intimate and modern touch to any room.

All Ketubah Artists are members of the Artist Direct program! What does this mean? This means that each artist personally designs, numbers, and sends the Ketubah to you him/herself!
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