Aloha Equality? Hawaii Moves Towards Passing Marriage Equality Bill

by Jordan
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Scheduled for October 28th, Governor Neil Abercrombie will hold a special legislative session to decide wether or not to advance on the marriage equality bill. According to the article in The Huffington Post, this would make Hawaii the 13th state to legalize gay marriage! Gov. Abercrombie stated that this bill has been about 20 years in the making, and up until this point, has been seen and analyzed in every possible light possible.

Here at Bagel, we thought what was most interesting about Hawaii’s bill is that they are truly striving to create a law for marriage equality that everyone will be satisfied with. It seems that the bill has overwhelming support and (fingers crossed!) if passed, Hawaii could begin issuing marriage licenses as early as November 18th! So, for all you Jewish Hawaiians out there — make sure to take a peek at our Ketubahs for your big day!

So, stay tuned! We’re hoping to celebrate with tropical style happy hour if passed :)


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