Autobiography of a Gay, Chassidic Jew in Crown Heights

by Jordan
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There’s a wonderful article at Thought Catalog about a woman who not only self-identifies as same-sex, but, grew up Chassidic, in Crown Heights. Some great lines:

We come to the subject of Jewish learning. I admit that I’ve contemplated seeking out a Torah study group. Yes, yes, she says, join my group. I meet with girls just like you.

Just like me, I think, but not like me at all.

You should know, I tell Esther, a sense of hope roiling in my gut, that things might be different this time, I live with my girlfriend.

She blinks once, twice.

I’m gay. Again, no recognition. I’m a homosexual.

She inches away, ever so slightly, and closes the siddur in her lap. Could I not be that way, she wonders out of the side of her mouth. But it’s impossible to not be any other way for me.

Read more here.

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