A Brand New Skyline Ketubah

by Jordan
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Of all of our Ketubahs, the Skyline Ketubah Series is definitely one of our favorites! We love the idea of having a work of art that not only holds a special traditional and emotional significance, but also represents something about you — wether its where you or your partner are from, where you both met, or for some other reason! We recently released a BRAND NEW Ketubah — The Cincinnati Skyline Ketubah! Cincinnati is a gorgeous city, rich with history, culture, and of course… a great community of Jews! This gorgeous design contains a dazzling night sky over the stunning Cincinnati landscape. Take a look! cincinnati-skyline-ketubah   Love this Ketubah? Start your order here! If you’re not from Cincinnati, but LOVE the idea of getting something similar with the city you’re from, Contact Us Here — we would be more than excited to create something new and unique for you both!

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