Civil Marriage & Gay Marriage in Israel

by Jordan
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Exciting news out of Israel: the government is coming one step closer to legalizing gay marriage.

Here at BGL Ketubahs, we thought this was a century away, but the word is — luckily — changing much faster than we ever imagined.

A new bill in the Knesset is proposing creating civil marriage in Israel (up until now, Israel has only had religious marriage) — and the civil marriage right would be extended to same sex couples as well.

As the article says,

The Yesh Atid faction presented a bill on Tuesday that seeks to legalize, for the first time, non-religious marriage in Israel. Currently, all Israeli marriages are legally valid only if they are conducted in formal state religious institutions, whether through the Jewish rabbinate, Muslim sharia institutions, Catholic canon courts or a handful of other recognized, state-funded religious denominations.

Hopefully, the bill will pass! Fingers crossed!

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