Don’t Forget: Transgender Ketubahs!

by Jordan
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We chose our name, Bagel Ketubahs, due to the fun pun: Bagel or BGL = Bsexual, Gay and Lesbian. Get it? The three most common of non-traditionally-gendered people, taken together to form the most common and traditional Jewish food!

The problem is, such a clever name doesn’t include the letter “T” anywhere, so we’re omitting in our name our transgendered brothers and sisters!

Sorry for not explicitly mentioning you in our name, everyone. We wish there was a T- in there somewhere. Maybe we should rename ourselves after Blintzes — there’s the “T” and in there, as well as a “B” and the “B”!!! And we can probably do something with the “s” at the end as well. What do you all think? We’re up for changing our name!

More broadly, any transgendered Jew who is interested in a Ketubah, we’d love to work with you’d, we’d be overjoyed, we’d be jumping over the roof with happiness! Life is short to not express ourselves in all the ways we can!!!

-Team BGL!!!!

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