Get Your Perfect Same-Sex Ketubah!

by Jordan
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The Wonderwall Ketubah

We love the opportunity to create the most unique Ketubah possible for every one of our Same-Sex couples. The more unique of a request, the better! Some of our favorite Ketubahs on our site are the designs with couples. There’s nothing quite like a snapshot of your relationship, the day you said I do, or just a regular day in your lives together to truly capture your love and commitment to one another. Many of these Ketubahs come from This is not a Ketubah (TINAK), who happen to have TONS of Ketubahs with couples — Same-Sex and Hetero. TINAK specializes in creating and tweaking the design to be EXACTLY how you want it, which is why we put some of their Bride & Groom Ketubahs up on our site! As of yet these Ketubahs haven’t been tweaked to be made for a Same-Sex couple, but they are more than flexible and would love the opportunity (as would we) to make the design of your dreams happen! Take a look at our new Gallery here of Ketubahs that can be changed to be Same-Sex.

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