In Honor of the New Season: A Game of Thrones Ketubah?

by Jordan
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We absolutely adore all the modern style Ketubahs sold on our site, but nothing gets us MORE excited than when a couple asks for something completely out there! (Take a look at TINAK’s Moonlit Fantasy Ketubah) As a self proclaimed nerd myself, I personally love the idea of taking a particular esthetic and integrating it into the Ketubah art and tradition. After all, a Ketubah is meant to represent who you both are as a couple, why NOT have fun with it?!

So what does this have to do with Game of Thrones? For those of you who are totally crazy obsessed fans like our team is (we have weekly conversations about each new episode), then you probably are counting down to Sunday as well — the premier of the newest season!!!!!!

Beyond the show we love the esthetic of the clothes, architecture, and art. So of course, we HAD to start searching for Game of Thrones inspired weddings…



Take a look at the entire Game of Thrones styled wedding shoot here!

For any Same-Sex couples that are fans of Game of Thrones out there, we would be beyond HONORED to create a Game of Thrones inspired Ketubah! I mean, I don’t think there could be anything cooler than getting a Ketubah with the IRON THRONE on it!!!

Shabbat Shalom!


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