Introducing: The Skyline Ketubah Series!

by Jordan
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There’s nothing quite like the gorgeous skyline of your favorite city to fill you with a sense of pride and excitement. Wether it’s your original stomping grounds, a favorite vacation spot, or the place you truly call “home”, a skyline is a beautiful reminder of home no matter where you are! With unique architecture and buildings that reach to the sky, skylines are definitely the “face” of any city.

The Bagel Team is SUPER excited to introduce TINAK’s line of Skyline Ketubahs! Each Ketubah contains a different city skyline — ranging from Chicago and Miami, to Toronto and Montreal these designs are simply to die for. Some skylines are late at night with dazzling city lights, and others are featured at the break of day with a beautiful sun rising behind the city. Of course, as most of the Bagel Team are born-and-raised New Yorkers, we can’t help but love the New York Skyline. (You know what they say — “you can take the boy out of New York…”)


Take a look at the whole series here and get a Ketubah that not only represents your love and tradition, but your home as well!

Don’t see your city among the fabulous Ketubahs? No problem! Contact us here to let us know what skyline you’re looking for. We would love to work our magic to make your Ketubah dreams become a reality :)



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