Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage Could Possibly Fuel Tourism Economy

by Jordan
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Nothing in the world is better than a good book, a fruity drink, and a beautiful view of the beach — who doesn’t LOVE vacations after all? Especially when it’s with your significant other! Turns out that vacationing and legalization of Same-Sex marriage go more hand-in-hand than we think (I thought that we all just automatically flock to wherever there’s a good mojito…)

Continued legalization of Same-Sex marriage within the United States and worldwide will boost the travel and hospitality industries all around the globe. Wether it’s a honeymoon, destination wedding, or an anniversary trip — Same-Sex couples will truly be fueling the tourism world in a BIG way. Although we make up a small percentage of couples within the U.S., it seems there will be a big impact. The International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA) Foundation stated,

It is going to be an inordinate percentage of the wedding market in the next five to 10 years… Even though we are only maybe 4 or 5 percent of the population, the number of us getting married is probably going to be 20 times that because we couldn’t and now we can…

(Click here to read the full article from Huff Post)

For many of us “waiting” is part of the wedding plans — and not because we WANT to. Although we could jet off to another part of the country, being married in your own home (legally and without issue), is truly a Happily Ever After.

All we can say is — YAYYY!!!! (Pssst… check our Materials Page for travel-friendly Ketubahs!)

And I just thought of something better than vacation… a vacation to celebrate life, equality, and love. :)

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