Lesbian French Israeli Artist Yaelle David

by Jordan
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As Ketubah lovers and creators, we’re constantly looking for gorgeous works of art from fellow Gay and Lesbian Jewish artists! We recently saw that Artists Yaelle David will be joining Art About – Israeli Worldwide Exhibition, an International Art Show. We love her art pieces for their emphasis on color and her ability to show the beauty in something that is so simple. Yaelle had this to say about her art collection:

The aim of my work is to divert or reshape conventional things in order to offer new colors and depth to traditional “clichés”. I want to make people think about new layers in their daily lives through simple materials. By adding layers and changing contexts, I try to suggest a new point of view”

We love it!

Click Here to see more of Yaelle David’s awesome art work or Click Here to find more about the Art About – Israeli Worldwide Exhibition.

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