LGBT Break Through in Colombia

by Jordan
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Whenever we do blog posts on the BGL Blog we usually like to write about news updates in the world of Same-Sex couples and marriage equality. Mostly because, as lovers of Ketubahs, we love to hear and share anything related to marriage and weddings!

All that to say, when we read about this lesbian couple in Colombia our hearts totally melted! The Colombian government granted full rights to this same-sex couple — one mother was the biological parent, while the other mother was the adoptive parent. Although this news is a more of a post-wedding happy ending, it’s still major strides in the world of same-sex couples… and families! For many same-sex couples, having the ability to get married and be recognized as a couple with rights can already be a feat. So being able to adopt children together and grow your family like any other couple in the world is amazing.

Congratulations to this happy family :) We wish you all an awesome life filled with laughter and love!

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