Monument to Gay Jewish Holocaust Victims to be Built

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Although our blog here tends to focus on Gay Ketubahs, we like writing about all issues effecting Gay Jews, even if they don’t directly related to Ketubahs.

One piece of news is today’s news that a Holocaust Memorial will be built in Tel Aviv to the Gay Jewish victims of the Holocaust.

The article says:

A monument to gays persecuted by the Nazis will be built in Tel Aviv.

The monument, the first of its kind in Israel, will be constructed in Meir Park, near the Tel Aviv Gay and Lesbian Association Center in the central part of the city, Haaretz reported.

It’s also noteworthy that the memorial will include a pink triangle, which is what the Gay Jewish victims were forced to wear.

Although we try to memorialize the happy moments of our lives with our ketubahs — what greater moment is there than your wedding? — we also need to remember and honor the painful moments, such as the Holocaust.

Remembering is one of the painful ways in which we make sure it never happens again.

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