New Zealand’s First Same-Sex Wedding…. On a Plane!

by Jordan
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Here at Bagel we make sure to stay updated and active on the latest Equality Marriage laws, and perhaps celebrate a bit (okay, maybe a lot!) when yet another historical day is made and Same-Sex marriage is legalized. For those who haven’t read/heard/seen in the news or your twitter feeds, this past Monday New Zealand has joined in granting the most basic right and pleasure for two people in love, the freedom to get married. New Zealand is only the 14th country in the world to legalize marriage, but the FIRST Asia-Pacific Country!

Amidst all this excitement and revolutionary change, emerges the touching story of Lynley Bendall and Aly Wanikau who were finally able to tie the knot that same Monday. Not only was their wedding beautiful and full of joy, love and excitement, but all of this took place on a decked out New Zealand airplane. If that wasn’t already amazing enough, Modern Family cast member and gay marriage advocate, Jesse Tyler Ferguson attended and took part in their ceremony!!

They even put together a short video about Lynley and Aly’s story as a couple. We were so touched that we just had to share their story. Congratulations Lynley and Aly, and Congratulations to New Zealand as well! We couldn’t be more excited and overjoyed that Same-Sex couples have the freedom to honor their love and devotion to one another through the freedom of marriage.



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