NY Times: Easier to Find Rabbis to Perform Gay Weddings

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The NY Times is finally catching up to reality! They have an article about religious gay weddings here, in which they discuss how more and more rabbis are willing to perform gay, interfaith weddings.

As the article says,

“I have absolutely observed that increasing phenomenon over the years,” said Idit Klein, the executive director of Keshet, an advocacy organization for Jews who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. “I’ve seen it go from being difficult to find a rabbi to officiate at same-sex weddings to now having rabbis call me and say, ‘I’ve never done a gay wedding and I want to’ — a real eagerness to show solidarity. Something profound has shifted.”

We were very happy to see this attention to our cause! And we’re happy that the famous “Gray Lady” herself is starting to notice the changes happening.

Here at Bagel Ketubahs, we happily create ketubahs for gay and interfaith and both weddings! And we’ve been doing it long before it became “cool” in the Times!

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