Same-Sex Marriage Legalized In Illinois!

by Jordan
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Well we already love the windy city, and although most of us are born and raised New Yorkers, we don’t haaaate The Chicago Cubs (The Yankees are just better, duh). So you would imagine all of our excitement on Wednesday when we see that Illinois has officially become the 16th State to allow gay marriage! This bill was signed and sealed by Governor Patt Quinn, and as the Chicago Tribune eloquently states “capping a 40-year push for gay rights that picked up major momentum during the past decade.” [Read the article here.]

There is nothing more EXCITING in our office than when we see a new state blazing the way for Same-Sex couples and pushing for equal rights. Congrats, Congrats, Congrats to all the same-sex couples in Illinois! We would be more than honored to create a Ketubah for any of you. (Pssst! Check out our Chicago Subway Ketubah!!)

In honor of Illinois we’re going to celebrate with a deep-dish pizza (kosher style of course)!

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