Same-Sex Ketubahs: Celtic Inspired

by Jordan
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The Welsh Dragon Ketubah

The Ketubah is more than just a beautiful design or body of text — it’s a symbol. A symbol of two people’s lives becoming one. It’s a work of art that conveys the commitment, love and lifelong devotion of two people. We firmly believe that a couple’s Ketubah should show every side of their personality, interests and background. The Celtic Inspired Ketubahs contain a unique beauty and richness in design and meaning. Each design features its’ own Celtic Inspired style, while also highlighting the emphasis of the Ketubah text and tradition. These designs are perfect for the couple that wants something to reflect their roots… or simply just love the Celtic style!

The Welsh Dragon Ketubah is definitely our favorite from the whole collection (and was recently launched!), but there are tons more designs to choose from — each with their own distinct style. Take a look at the full Celtic Inspired Ketubah Gallery here!

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