Same-Sex Marriage Ban Overturned — In Oklahoma!

by Jordan
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Last Friday a Federal Appeals court ruled that Oklahoma must allow Same-Sex marriage! How AWESOME! According to the HuffPost article this specific court ruling would be “marking the second time it has found the U.S. Constitution protects same-sex marriage”.

This 2-1 ruling came actually after the SAME panel ruled that Utah’s ban on Same-Sex marriage was not Constitutional. Although both of these rulings are on hold for now, this gives huge strides for lower court victories and of course, for Same-Sex couples in both states!

The entire ruling for both states is super surprising, considering how conservative they are — but Congrats to Utah and Oklahoma! This makes all of our team so proud and happy. Proud that our efforts, like many others, are making a difference, even if indirectly! And happy because… well, the option to express your love and devotion shouldn’t be restricted to one part of the population.

And of course, for any Same-Sex Jewish couples that live in Utah and Oklahoma that will finally be able to legally get married — you know who to call! :)

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