Same-Sex Wedding Inspiration: Video Game Lovers

by Jordan
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As video game nerds ourselves, we can’t help but love a common theme we’ve been seeing — video game inspired weddings! Most of us are 80’s babies and spent a vast majority of our adolescence playing pac-man, atari and other ridiculous arcade games. Fast-forward 20 years later and we’re still playing Mario in our office… but this time it’s on the wii! ;) Take a look at our five favorite pieces to complete the perfect video game inspired wedding!


These mushroom cufflinks are the perfect subtle touch to your wedding day! Not only that, but let’s be honest — Mushroom is EVERYONE’S favorite character. Order these cufflinks here!


Ditto for Princess Peach. If you were a girl that played Mario Bros., Princess Peach was your all time favorite (although perhaps begrudgingly for some of us… I mean really Peach, get it together and stop getting captured!) These pixelated Princess Peach studs add a quirky touch to your Big Day. Order these earrings here!



Make your first toast as a married couple — with a video game flare! These fun painted glasses are a cute way to say you’ve officially found your Player 2 for life. :) Order these glasses here!




From over the team over at TINAK, this awesome video game inspired Ketubah is one of our absolute favorites! The pixelated text and simple extra touches creates the perfect blend of retro style and Ketubah tradition. Order your custom Ketubah here! 


Send your fun save the dates in this fun video game inspired cards! We love the classic pixelated style and romantic castle in the background. Buy these Save the Dates here!

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