Team Bagel Wishes You A Happy Pesach!

by Jordan
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Nothing makes us feel more full of pride and tradition than when Passover rolls around. Between all the crazy Ketubah madness that each year brings, sometimes it’s nice to sit back, relax, and enjoy a time of family, food, and tradition. In preparation for the holiday season we decided to have a little office fun and research fun recipes that not only celebrated Passover, but combined a little rainbow flair as well! So far our favorite stumble was the RAINBOW MATZAH made over at the Keshet Office. Take a look at the recipe and pictures here! 

Of course seeing this Matzah, only makes us inspired to create more Matzah style Ketubahs (from the team at TINAK)!!! We’re so in the holiday spirit, that we put together a gallery of our FAVORITE Same-Sex Traditional Ketubahs — Take a look here! And again, from our Team at Bagel: We wish you a very happy Pesach!!!

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