The FIRST Same-Sex Couple Just Got Married In Arkansas!

by Jordan
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On May 9th Judge Chris Piazza “struck down the state’s voter-approved same-sex marriage“, stating that there was no rational reason Same-Sex couples should be allowed to marry and receive the same rights. The Judge went on to state that their vote was “an unconstitutional attempt to narrow the definition of equality…”. So of course as soon as they possibly coule Dick Titus and Zeek Taylor got married — and so became the FIRST Same-Sex couple to equally wed in Arkansas!!!

And what an amazing couple to be the first — they’ve been together for 42 YEARS (!!!). They described the experience of tying the knot as a “roller coaster ride” and that they didn’t think they’d ever see something like this happen in Arkansas in their lifetime. Although the future of Same-Sex marriage is uncertain, Dick and Zeek will still fight for marriage equality. Read the whole article here!

Hearing happy endings like this definitely make our day at the Bagel Team :) From our team at Bagel Ketubahs to Dick and Zeek — CONGRATULATIONS! We wish you the next 40+ years of happiness, love and joy!

Any Same-Sex Jewish couples in Arkansas? We would LOVE to create something for you that beautifully represents you both and honors the Ketubah tradition!

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