United States’ Most LGBT-Friendly Cities… and their Ketubahs!

by Jordan
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The Huffington Post recently posted results of the top ten most LGBT Cities in the U.S. These findings came from Vocativ, which pulled from various social media sites, measuring “most friendly” based on various lifestyle elements such as the overall LGBT community, Pride events, Same-Sex bars, and more. They decided to do this as a “useful and fun guide” for Same-Sex couples for Pride Month! You can click here to read Huffington Post’s full article…

In honor of Pride Month, we wanted to list some of the top cities here… along with their Ketubah counterparts! This list is perfect for the Same-Sex couple looking for something that represents the pride they not only have in themselves and their marriage, but the place they call home as well — wether you it be the place you’re living now or the place you grew up!

  • New York, New York — With many native New Yorkers on our BGL team… we couldn’t help but smile with pride! Coming in number two, we definitely have to recommend one of our absolute favorites, A New York State Of Mind Ketubah.
  • San Francisco, California — As such an iconic city within the LGBT community, we thought San Francisco would have come in first! Although voted number three, San Francisco did come in second for best Cultural Options per capita (Awesome!). The San Francisco Skyline Ketubah makes for the perfect Ketubah to celebrate culture, pride, and love!
  • Chicago, Illinois — Although coming in at number 5, Chicago actually came in number 2 for LGBT-Friendly Businesses per capita! In a red color palette the The Chicago Subway Ketubah is the perfect blend of romance and urban style.

If you’re interested in seeing Vocativ’s full list, click here!

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