Virginia Is For LOVERS

by Jordan
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Woo-hoo!!! Congratulations Virginia — you are officially living up to your name! :)

After the Supreme Court refused to take up a 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, the Commonwealth immediately began to recognize Same-Sex marriages from other states. After the last final hurdle was removed, Virginia couples all throughout the state were able to finally get married.

This in light of all the other states that are soon to be allowing Same-Sex marriage (FINALLY), truly made out hearts swell up with love, joy and pure bliss. We couldn’t be more excited for all the Virginia couples and soon to be Same-Sex couples in other states as well. And as always, would be BEYOND honored to create your Same-Sex Ketubah!

After all the emotion and teary-eyed Same-Sex couples all over social media recently, we couldn’t help but think… Virginia really is for lovers! :)



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